Chủ đề: Criterion-related validity

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What is the word for the degree to which a measurement actually measures what it is intended to measure?

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What is validity of test scores?

What is Validity?The fundamental concept to keep in mind when creating any assessment is validity. Validity refers to whether a test measures what it aims to measure. For example, ...

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What type of validity requires comparison with scores from other measures?

Validity has long been one of the major deities in the pantheon of the psychometrician. It is universally praised, but the good works done in its name are remarkably few. — ...

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What type of validity evaluates how closely the results of a study corresponds to the results of a different study?

Journal List Indian J Psychol Med v.40(5); Sep-Oct 2018 PMC6149308 Indian J Psychol Med. 2018 Sep-Oct; 40(5): 498–499. AbstractReliability and validity describe desirable ...