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Where is the implied warranty of fitness found?

Products liability describes a type of claim—for injury caused by a defective product—and not a separate theory of liability. In the typical case, three legal doctrines may be ...

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Can you limit an express warranty?

Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) recognizes both express warranties and implied warranties of quality in the sale of goods. Within specific limits, the UCC permits ...

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Which svc activity deals with the services while they are being used by the users?

Contents1 Value chain activities1.1 Plan1.2 Improve 1.3 Engage1.4 Design & Transition1.5 Obtain / Build1.6 Deliver & Support2 Service value chain in action2.1 Creating new SVC and ...

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Maintenance performance bond là gì

Tìmmaintenance bond  giấy bào hành Thuật ngữ lĩnh vực Bảo hiểmMAINTENANCE BOND Giấy cam kết bảo hành. Văn bản pháp lý do chủ thầu hoặc thợ ...

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Which dimension of service management is concerned about the relationship with other Organisations that are involved in managing services?

The four P’s of service management in the last version has been replaced with the ITIL four dimensions of service management. They are; Organization and People Information and ...